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Better together: SANY and Putzmeister 10 years hand in hand

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of SANY’s acquisition of Putzmeister.

Back in 2012, SANY Germany and CITIC PE collaborated in buying 100% of the shares in Putzmeister for 360 million euros. As a young and ambitious enterprise, this was a milestone move for SANY as well as a game-changing event in the landscape of the global construction machinery industry.

Over the past decade, Putzmeister, already a top concrete machinery manufacturer in Europe, has experienced steady growth and development under SANY. Putzmeister’s sales volume grew from €500 million in 2011 to more than €800 million in 2021, maintaining its leading position in global market shares.

With its R&D, manufacturing and sales network expanding to cover Europe, America and Asia-Pacific regions, the former German family company now enjoys a broader global presence in 154 countries and regions.

Ten years later since 2012, Putzmeister has been integrated into SANY’s global business map. Today, nearly half of the concrete machines around the world bear the logo of Putzmeister or SANY.

For SANY, Putzmeister provides applicable experience in internationalization, intelligent manufacturing and concepts and practices compatible with the fourth industrial revolution. For Putzmeister, its capability of developing new businesses is reinforced with SANY’s financial support and resources.

The R&D cooperation between the two companies has been evidently fruitful, having jointly launched the V8 series and the 45 m pump truck for the European market, and together they are now taking the lead in the new arena of electrical, smart and digital products. Putzmeister has released the world’s first hybrid pump truck “iONTRON” and has applied big data technology in the concrete production, transportation and placement process to improve productivity, operations and fuel efficiency.

Both companies serve to open up markets for one another. More Putzmeister products gained access to the Chinese market through SANY, such as Putzmeister’s wet shotcreting machine, mortar machine, industrial pump and telebelt. Similarly, many of SANY’s products have become globally visible through Putzmeister’s network. “Compared to the sales growth,” said Jiang Xiangyang, Chairman's Representative at Putzmeister Holding GmbH, “the significance of the acquisition lies in that it gave SANY a closer view of a leading company in the west, the market in developed countries and their way of company governance.”

To date, the partnership between SANY and Putzmeister has yielded exponentially positive results in the areas of training, employee exchanges, R&D and business development. Hand in hand, their partnership has yielded far better results than either company alone. In other words, in this case, one plus one is far greater than two.

Better together: SANY and Putzmeister 10 years hand in hand


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