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“Star of the Month” for August - "The Swift Hand”

Yuan Chao, a service engineer at SANY West Africa’s business unit, has been working on the Guinea Simandou railway project since 2021.

To date (June 2022), he has managed the delivery of 180 excavators, 160 truck mixers, 20 drilling rigs and 36 batching plants to the project site as well as handling all the service requests, including some rather demanding ones.

On June 5th at 6 am, Yuan received a request from a client regarding an SY365 excavator with its air conditioner and slewing function out of order. Within 30 minutes, he set off and arrived at the scene at 10 am. The air conditioner’s evaporator was found to be clogged with dust, which was diagnosed as the cause for the reduction in air flow, while a worn-out engine was found responsible for the slewing failure. The repair went smoothly, and the machine was quickly back in working order. Given that the inspection and repairs were completed within an hour and a half, the client praised Yuan’s professionalism, swiftness and accuracy.

“Star of the Month” for August - "The Swift Hand”


  • Changsha, Hunan, China
  • Sany Group