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NEW: swing door by SCRIGNO

The doors of the Essential by Scrigno range are swinging doors designed with the Wall-Door System, without edging trims.

The door blends even more integrally into its surroundings, creating continuity with the walls, which become the unmistakable protagonists of the space, while the door is perceived as being totally amalgamated into the wall.

The distinctive feature of Essential swinging doors is their possibility of giving continuity to environments, and door panels can be painted, lacquered or covered with wallpaper, exactly like the finishes already existing. The door can even be finished differently on each side, adapting it perfectly to the space of which it is part.

The two versions available are:

Essential Battente, with a slight gap between the frame and door;

Essential Battente Zero, the gapless model.

Essential doors can be fitted on both masonry and plasterboard walls, and can be made in either the classic rectangular form or in special trapezoidal shapes (for use in lofts, beneath stairs, etc). The trapezoidal shape is not available for the Battente Zero version.