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Come and discover the new Scrigno products at Batimat

Scrigno expands its range of products by offering two new lines of wooden doors sliding and swing, COMFORT and TRÉSOR that combine simple and elegant solutions able to maximize space in your home or office. As with all Scrigno products the new doors are characterized by high quality and reliability. The attention to details and finishes can satisfy countless design solutions in a simple, elegant and fine customization. Scrigno completes its solutions with a wide range of handles and locks perfectly matched to the desired door model.

To complete the product range a new line of glass doors is available: ACQUA, sliding door (for Scrigno Base and Essential) and ELETTA, the swing version.

These two lines place the Scrigno door at the center of the focus it as an important component of the furnishings. The aluminum profiles have been deliberately reduced to allow the highest exaltation of glass, neutral colors are modern and suite well to the different contexts of furniture.