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SERAPID Group: Fully functional car lift

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At its fourth Interlift appearance in a row, SERAPID presented a fully functioning car lift at this year‘s show.

With a payload of 5.0 tons and a real acceptance according to EN 81 20/50, this car elevator was an example of a completely new series of freight, car, truck and special elevators in SERAPID‘s product portfolio. „With us, you can look forward to a fully functional, real and ‚experienceable‘ car lift with push chain technology and a wide range of variants in the choice of cabin design and the materials used,“ explains Olaf Klingner, Sales Director Elevator Technology. The employees have been working on the construction for weeks now. „That is already a special challenge because we aren‘t building a sample or model, but a fully functional elevator,“ says Klingner. The basis and technical finesse is the drive system based on the in-house rigid chain technology.

SERAPID aims to offer new, future-oriented and efficient solutions in the heavy-duty segments of elevator technology. „New solutions generate new possibilities and encourage rethinking, which we want to provoke a little.“ The lecture on 16 October at the VFA Forum on „Rigid Chain Technology - an alternative to conventional drive systems in elevator construction“ fits in well with this theme.

SERAPID defines itself at Interlift 2019 for the first time with an independent brand appearance as „SERAPID Lift Systems“. The company - previously a component supplier for various branches of industry - now presents itself on the market as an elevator manufacturer offering turnkey solutions.

SERAPID Group:  Fully functional car lift

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