NEW: fabric solar shading by Servis Climax

Servis Climax
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The Fasrol 300/400 is a vertical facade awning lower profile of which is guided by a wire (Fasrol 300), or in vertical guide rails (Fasrol 400)

This is a very popular system for shading windows and facades of all building types. Its advantage consists in the construction simplicity, easy mounting, and the wide range of fabric types. These are wound on a shaft placed in a round upper cassette 110 mm, or 140 mm, in diameter. For this type of shading, perforated Soltis or Polyscreen fabric that shades and, simultaneously, allows a partial view from the window through the fabric can be used. Facade fabric awnings are an exterior element that will distinctively revive the facade of any building.

NEW: fabric solar shading by Servis Climax

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