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SGM G-Spot for Fountain of Oneness

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Lawrence Ryan of Eagle Eye Studios was tasked with designing and programming a show control interface for the beautiful fountain in Delhi known as the Fountain of Oneness.

The idea behind this unique architectural structure originates from the Guru himself as a symbol of people from different religions, cultures and languages coming together in one place. The structure is made up of adults and children holding hands in a circular formation, so large that the audience can walk around or through the fountain.

As a centrepiece, a huge sphere represents the world, denoting worldwide unity. Great care has gone into making it structurally sound, with the key focus being the huge weight of the structure and strong winds in the area of Delhi. Situated inside a huge pool area with many water fountains, lighting effects add a further unique dimension to the frequent music shows.

As lighting designer, Lawrence Ryan envisioned a full interface for the operators to easily test and manually run all the lighting and fountains in the venue, while also choreographing an entire show using Medialon record DMX features and a Jands Vista lighting controller. A composed piece of music incorporating the Guru talking, with beautiful vocal sections, and the deployment of 12 SGM G-Spot moving heads offer the feeling of spirituality through sound and light.

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SGM G-Spot for Fountain of Oneness

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