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Installation of vented facades in a rehabilitation

The high degree of antiquity of the real estate park makes rehabilitation work very necessary. The passage of the years wears out materials and features of key elements for the well-being of guests, such as decks or facades. Before a reform we have different options, but certainly the solution of installing rainscreen facades in a rehabilitation is one of the most effective.

As we have already explained in previous news, the ventilated façade is a construction system of external enclosure formed by an inner sheet, an insulating layer and a non-waterproof outer sheet. The insulating layer admits the free circulation of air by its camera, which entails great advantages of energy saving.

The fact that it is an exterior cladding system allows it to be installed on the existing facade. Therefore, with the installation of rainscreen facades in a rehabilitation we are taking advantage of resources that we already have without having to demolish.

Once we have installed the insulation layer on the existing facade, we can install the outer plates that can be of various materials: ceramic, stone, slate, etc.

Savings thanks to ventilated facades
Savings thanks to ventilated facades

Good insulation of façades can be up to 50% energy saving. In that sense, it is highly recommended to rehabilitate buildings for more than 20 years as they are often damaged and the materials do not insulate enough. Here are some examples of installation of vented facades in public and private buildings rehabilitation. Consult other projects here.

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