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Today we are talking about a new Sistema Masa’s project. It is a detached house with an exclusive design that includes exterior facades with ceramic cladding on large format plates. The support of the ventilated façades has been solved with the combination of Knauf systems and our PF-ALT/ SO-S system.

The new project of Sistema Masa consists of a semi-detached house that is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona. Its design is completely avant-garde and includes exterior facades with sintered ceramic cladding. From the design of the architectural study commissioned, in Sistema Masa we have been in charge of the installation of ventilated façades by our PF-ALT/SO-S system combined with one of Knauf's systems.

Exclusive design of exterior facades: technical details
Exclusive design of exterior facades: technical details

As you know, in Sistema Masa we have extensive experience in the construction and installation of ventilated facades for single family homes. What makes this new project so special is its avant-garde and innovative design, according to the exclusive area where the house is located.


For the design of the exterior facades of this project, the architects have combined large format ceramic tiles, up to 3,200 x 1,500mm in large rectangular plates. The position of said plates is horizontal and / or vertical to form independent assemblies perimetrically circumscribed by respective metal profiles as a support structure.


To combine them, horizontal slats of the same material and metal louver have been used in different positions and separations strategically located to protect the various windows, while ensuring the privacy of the interior.

Support system of the facades

The structural system of support of the external facades has been solved thanks to the combination of the systems of Knauf and Sistema Masa. On one hand, Knauf's light wall -Dry Wall- and, on the other, the PF-ALT/SO-S Sistema Masa’s system. Through this combination we have developed an exclusive system of distribution and consolidation of loads from the facade (own weight and wind) transmitted directly to the substructure of the light enclosure.

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