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Snaidero Rino Spa
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Inside intelligence

There is always much more than you think to be tidied away in a kitchen. Not one of us is the same, so kitchen space solutions should cater for that. This is why we have designed Passepartout, a system of accessories and solutions to organise space and turn your kitchen into a tailor-made living area. This exclusive Snaidero project bears the signature of two eminent designers, Alessandro Andreucci & Christian Hoisl. who have both dedicated a lifetime to Industrial Design applied to interior décor. Their sights were set on developing an open, flexible system based on containers and kitchenware, differing from a design and material point of view and lending themselves to a wide range of purposes. Depending on each user's, clearly different, requirements.

The result? A system which totally revolutionises kitchen life with a series of new functions and unexpected twists. As always, innovation is the earmark of each Snaidero product.


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