A crystal in a string of pearls

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The spectacular view continues inside the apartments, culminating in the large outdoor areas. Deep balconies, loggias and roof terraces offer a panoramic view, but the view comes at a price: noise. To dampen the noise from the docks, the ceilings were sound insulated, plus many owners protect their balcony from wind and weather with frameless glazing from Solarlux. The delicately designed slide-and-turn system is installed above the glass balustrade where it is barely visible, even when closed. Although retrofitting the systems in the balconies is possible at any time, many owners opted for this flexible form of protection from the elements straight away. This is totally understandable, as a glass curtain is perfect for enjoying the North German panorama in comfort.

Unlike pure sliding systems, this solution offers a much wider opening combined with a narrower guide rail. The balcony shown here accomodates a system comprising 15 movable panes stretching to an impressive total length of almost twelve metres. The first glass element opens conveniently by means of a simple stainless steel control cable.

The slide-and-turn system from the German manufacturer and developer was chosen for several reasons, first and foremost for durability, which should always be a requirement in the luxury residential construction sector. Like all Solarlux products, the SL 25 bears the "Made in Germany" quality seal, is made of high-quality materials and its standard of excellence is externally tested. Despite an installation depth of only 27 mm, the permanently ventilated, maintenance-free aluminium frame system reduces noise by an audible 17 decibels and offers optimum weather protection.

But, most importantly: be it spring, autumn,evening time or windy and wet outside, the residents can spend more time on their balconies without having to make concessions. When it''s nice and warm, the window an instant,

A crystal in a string of pearls

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