Solarlux SL 45 folding glass door: The opening (up) of space and new possibilities at NHL

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The design of the existing building with its compartmentalised structure was to be maintained and integrated into the new plans. Herman Hertzberger and his Amsterdam-based office "Architectuurstudio HH" designed a new building of 20,500 m², which frames the existing building on all sides.

The use of wide-opening glass façades, both on the exterior and the interior, contributes to the open layout of the building. The use of glass both for the exterior façade and for partition walls creates transparency and bright spaces deep inside the building. As a result, interior units not located at the exterior façade, such as a bookshop, an information point and many others, are still attractive spaces. This can be attributed to in part to the folding glass doors from Solarlux, which form the interior partitions. The ceiling-height SL 45 elements create an open atmosphere but, if necessary, can be indi-vidually closed.

Folding glass doors make for versatile spaces

Standing approximately 2.8 meters in height and up to 14 meters in width, the individual installations can be completely opened over the entire width of the space in just a few easy steps, enabling the shop to merge seamlessly with the common area outside. Goods and information are displayed in an inviting way to the public as they walk by. And the glass elements are parked neatly to the side. A seven-element folding glass door, for example, consists of six folding elements and a turning door. The turning door serves as the entrance when the installation is closed. The elements run on flush-mounted rails set into the floor, which makes for smooth operation, thresh-old-free openings and barrier-free access. The sound insulation rating Rw of the folding glass façade is 35 dB.

Solarlux''s specifications are reflected in the execution of the concept for the "Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden". The fact that the NHL won a "European Design Award" in the category "Company Implementation" at the same time as the Official Opening is a clear statement to the success of this concept.

Solarlux SL 45 folding glass door: The opening (up) of space and new possibilities at NHL

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