Soundtect acoustic panels installed at Merger Market

Anna Dawson
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Banking giant seeks our help after a refit left their meetings rooms delightful to look at but terrible to use.

Soundtect Prism panels provided the perfect solution to the many quiet rooms and meeting rooms, in total 14, at Merger Market who were left with substantial sound issues after a recent refit. Small glass walled rooms sounds like a great idea but unless the acoustics are addressed, the sound inside can render them unusable

Prism Acoustic panels installed at Merger Market
Prism Acoustic panels installed at Merger Market

Prism, one of Soundtect's six iconic Class A3-D designs was installed recently at Merger Market after a recent refit left meeting rooms reverberant and impossible to use. An installation of Ash, White and Ocean Prism soon made all the difference and our clients were delighted.

Soundtect acoustic wall panels

Prism acoustic wall panel

Prism acoustic panels by Soundtect

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