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Decorative acoustic panels for offices and surgeries.

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Decorative acoustic panels for offices and surgeries are the fastest and easiest solutions to the acoustic issues that are often present in some of these workspaces.

When finishing a new building or renovating an older one, one has to take into account the acoustic comfort provided, take measurements of the reverberation inside and take the necessary steps to correct it. Usually the best way to correct reverberation (the permanence of sound beyond the time required to properly hear and understand a message) is to cover the facility with sound-absorbent wood acoustic panels. It is quite easy to undertake this acoustic conditioning on new, empty spaces, which are not in use, but how to fix it when the rooms are already in use as a work area? The nuisance and disturbance that can be caused by work of this type in an office is significant, and acoustic conditioning tasks are often delayed and postponed again and again and it never seems the right time to carry them out. Meanwhile, offices of all kinds, photographers’, designers’ and artists’ studios, law offices, the offices of notaries, economists and consultants and medical surgeries suffer every day the consequences of uncorrected reverberation as a form of acoustic stress creating misunderstandings in messages and conversations.

At Spigogroup, a specialist in the manufacture of acoustic panels, we found a solution: Spigoart decorative acoustic panels for offices and surgeries. These decorative acoustic panels for offices are sound-absorbent wood panels not requiring any installation work, as they are hung like pictures. They can even be screen-printed with your choice of image so they behave more as a decorative picture while, of course, correcting excessive reverberation helping with the acoustic conditioning of the room.

Decorative acoustic panels for offices and surgeries.

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