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Press article from The New Economy (local french magazine) published june 22nd, 2021 : to expand, the SPX Lighting company chose to settle in Issoudun (Center of France)

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SPX LIGHTING's manufactured projectors illuminate prestigious exhibitions and important museums. The SPX Lighting company has chosen to leave the Parisian province to settle in the Berry Region (Center of France).

Highlighting artwork is an art that has become the specialty of a small company of ten employees, SPX Lighting. Created in 2016 in the Paris area by Christian Paillard, today SPX LIGHTING works for sites such as the Palace of Versailles or the Confluences Museum in Lyon. Its small size projectors have also illuminated the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in the Louvre of Paris and are currently embellishing the Pinault Collection at the “Bourse du Commerce” museum. In the “Center Val de Loire” region, SPX Lighting was contacted by the Blois Palace and the Natural History Museum of Bourges.

New start in September

Wishing to regain control of the production which was subcontracted in the region until then, the company needed to invest in a bigger building, but such a project was difficult to imagine in the Paris area for costs and availability reasons. Originally from Issoudun, Christian Paillard made the bet to leave Lieusaint, in Seine-et-Marne (Paris region), and to transfer his business to his hometown, in the industrial area of the Coinchettes in Issoudun, where he found a 1000 m2 building. With the support of local companies, he is setting up a suitable assembly line. The start of production is scheduled for mid-September.

SPX Lighting embarked on this project in the midst of the pandemic and faced reluctance from banks. But what was at stake was being ready for the exhibitions to restart. In 2020, the business stopped suddenly. The company was booming overseas, particularly in Morocco and the Middle East. International sales represented 30% of its business.

Upgrading in museums

In France, the closure of museums has not only had negative repercussions: many of them have in fact taken the opportunity to undertake work to upgrade their lighting, switching from halogen lamps to LEDs, as they are obliged to. This allowed SPX Lighting to maintain its turnover in 2020.

To bring the public back, museums have the strong will to propose major exhibitions in the coming months. Work in perspective for SPX Lighting! The design and production of small museum lighting projectors represent 80% of its business. Having arrived in Issoudun to grow, the company aims to go from 1.7 to 3 million euros within five years. Three new recruitments are expected by the end of the summer.

Pinault Collection exhibition - "Bourse du commerce Museum"
Pinault Collection exhibition - "Bourse du commerce Museum"

SPX LIGHTING has taken part of the "Pinault Collection exhibition" at the "Bourse du commerce Museum

"Islamic treasures of Africa, from Tumbuctu to Zanzibar" exhibition - Mohammed VI contemporary and modern art Musuem or Rabat

SPX Lighting has also worked in collaboration with the Mohammed VI contemporary and modern art museum for the and the french lighting designer Gérald Karlikow for the "Islamic treasures from Africa..." exhibition, installed in the Mohammed VI museum of Rabat and 2 galleries of Rabat "Bab El Kebir" & "Bab Rouah"

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