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Fire station

Friday afternoon October 5th 2012 at 3 p.m. the new housing for the Fire Bridage Ommen-Hardenberg, Ommen-Dalfsen and Ommen Police External services Hardenberg was officially opened. With the press of a button 3 silver coloured cloths fell down from which three different vehicles were exposed. This was the official signal for 'Drie Onder Eén Kap' (DOEK) to be declared open.

Prior to that people glanced back to the building process by bct architects and a moment was taken to ascertain the aspects of the sustainable building. The mayor of Ommen, mr. Ahne, proudly presented the new building to all attendees

steni Colour T7 was integrated as facade material during the design phase. As such we were proud to deliver:

• 240 m² RAL2001 in Mat • 250 m² RAL2001 in high-gloss • 300 m² in RAL3013 Mat • 150 m² RAL3013 in high-gloss • 60 m² RAL3011 in Mat • 120 m² RAL3011 in high-gloss • 90 m² RAL 3005 in Mat • 50 m² RAL 3005 in high-gloss • 250 m² SN8671 Halfmat • 50 m² SN8010 Halfmat

In addition to the tremendous flexibility in colours, RAL colors are colors project, the combination of the two gloss also defines this façade. A absolute beauty of a reference project for us. We were granted the following quote by mr. W. Kemperman of BCT architects:

"For the appearance of the building is deliberately optioned for a closed building block with on the infield much space for storage and parking out of sight of the environment. The building has two faces: a rough stone facade that suits the environment in an appropriate manner all around, while the infield a contemporary translation of colors from nature, who from distance becomes visible thanks to the wonderful height accent. The different shades of red, with alternating matte and glossy plates, enclose the courtyard as a warm blanket and give workers a pleasant working environment."

The photos were taken by Laurens Kuipers


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