From landfill site to green public space

Streetlife BV
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Streetlife provided several benches and pedestrian bridges for Assendelft’s new green public space.

The grand opening of Park Nauerna has recently taken place in Assendelft. Streetlife provided several benches and pedestrian bridges for the Dutch town’s new green public space.

The new park was built on a landfill site managed by waste management company Afvalzorg that had become redundant. The site is set to be transformed into a 60-hectare nature and recreation park in three stages. The grand opening celebrated the first 12 hectares as ready for public use.

For the project, Streetlife provided R&R Curve Benches, R&R Circular Benches and a Solo CorTen Bridge. All products are equipped with All Black beams. All Black is a compound of recycled plastics (polyethylene and polypropylene) with a rough texture that takes its name from the fact that it retains its colour throughout a structure. This extremely durable and environmentally-friendly construction material has a long life and is maintenance-free. Ink and paint have a hard time adhering to All Black and cannot penetrate into it. UV stabilisation also allows it to permanently retain its black colour.

The combination of All Black beams with CorTen or galvanized steel give the Streetlife products an even sturdier, more robust appearance. The names engraved on the All Black backrests of the R&R Circular Bench will serve as a permanent reminder of the driving forces behind the park’s creation.

With the construction of the park, waste management company Afvalzorg is giving the area back to the community. Plans for this ultra-sustainable park came about in an active project group involving stakeholders from the local area. Park Nauerna will be expanded in phases over the next few years with Streetlife contributing more products to the project.

From landfill site to green public space

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