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January 2014

Client: SNOG Pure Frozen Yogurt, UK

"Studio Soufflé create soft, solid standing, very humorous inflatable structures. They were easy to work with, understand and can personalise a brief and were on time and on budget. I would work with them again in a heartbeat."

Pablo Uribe

Co-founder at SNOG Pure Frozen Yogurt

Studio Soufflé was approached by SNOG Pure Frozen Yogurt to create something exciting and eye catching to dress up a mobile kiosk trailer. The inflatable structure was to be taken to festivals so that festival goers can see them from the other end of the field and immediately know what they were offering.

Mahani and Gaia started by doing more research on SNOG as a brand and how they are visually represented in their branding and the stunning interiors of their cafes. As always the clients are the biggest inspirations!

Inspiration for this project was also drawn from works of art on the internet ranging from doodles by other artists, cartoons, graphic design, play environment artists and more.

As a result, Studio Soufflé mocked up designs for the kiosk cover in various colour schemes and options. SNOG and Studio Soufflé worked together to develop the design from these initial renders to the final stripy pink and purple creation topped with a giant pot of scrumptious frozen yogurt and yummy fruit.

Over the course of the design process, SNOG decided that they needed a stand-alone structure rather than something to be used wth the mobile kiosk trailer, so Studio Soufflé adapted the design, making it more structural and stable.

The inflatable was designed as a modular kit where the inflatable structure and the inflatable yogurt pot could be used separately or together by zipping the pot onto the roof of the inflatable structure. This gives SNOG the flexibility to use it in spaces with height restrictions.

In addition to this Studio Soufflé also designed and produced an inflatable bar wrap to transform a standard retail fridge into something that is truly SNOG.

The entire inflatable structure was designed and produced by the Studio Souffle team in their East London studio.

The inflatable pop up kiosk made its debut at the Unilever Headquarters in London for the launch of SNOGs new range of frozen yogurt pots.

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SNOG Frozen Yogurt Kiosk
SNOG Frozen Yogurt Kiosk

At the launch of SNOGs new frozen yogurt pots at the Unilever Building, London

SNOG Frozen Yogurt Kiosk

At the launch of SNOGs new frozen yogurt pots at the Unilever Builing, London

Inflatable bar wrap

The inflatable bar wrap transforms a standard retail fridge into an on-band counter.

SNOG Frozen Yogurt Kiosk

At the launch of SNOGs new frozen yogurt pots at the Unilever Building, London.

Inside the kiosk

ghting on the inside and the stripes in different shades of pinks and purples create a lovely ambiance.

Yogurt pot

The pot can be separate of the inflatable.

SNOG Frozen Yogurt Pop-Up Kiosk by Studio Soufflé

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