Natural blond cork

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The solution for the acoustic well-being and the thermal comfort in the spaces.

Intervening to reduce too much noise in the rooms has become essential for any type of activity: restaurants, offices, Cafetarooms. Each passing year increases the sound-absorbing proposals on the market: it goes from panels in different materials to the choice of panels with the most disparate and coloured shapes. In continuous updating in the field of sound absorption, there is a material that has not gone unnoticed because of its characteristics not only sound absorbing, but also thermal insulation. And it is the natural blond cork.

Where does it come from?

The cork is nothing more than the "fur" of the trunk of the Quercus suber tree. It is responsible for protecting it from heat, cold, humidity, fire and sounds and at the same time it allows it to be breathable. Thanks to its many functionalities, Cork is considered today an excellent acoustic and thermal insulator with many advantages:

1. Reduces the consumption of fossil energy resources, today the main source of energy that we exploit;

2. Restricts air pollution to prevent the greenhouse effect;

3. Having term isolation functions helps to reduce heating costs in winter and air-conditioning in summer.

Reduce noise and color the spaces with cork:

Acoustic comfort in restaurants or in working environments is important to ensure that the environment is conducive to listening and speaking. In this way the diners can spend a pleasant evening or the workers can work in a quiet and comfortable way. The sound absorbing panels in Cork combine the sound absorbing properties with various customizations in the shapes and colours that furnish the environment. You can indulge and create colorful mural compositions that make your environment unique, personalized. In addition it is an ecological solution, natural, colorful, resistant to fire and shock.

Natural blond cork

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