The 3 best tablet exhibitors to offer interactive communication to your customers

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Communicating information and promotions effectively is one of the most important goals for a store and the tablet today helps us deliver fast, interactive, and personalized messages. For this we want to talk about the 3 best tablet exhibitors to be placed on the counter of a reception or a store, on the ground near the entrance or simply on the wall.

Why communicate with a tablet and its support?

The exhibitors for tablets are today a great tool that needs to be exploited for several reasons:

1. You can request feedback through short surveys to know how your sales point is perceived by your customer and if you are satisfied with the service and thus improve yourself;

2. You can offer the possibility to browse catalogues, so as to know the different products and maybe even point them where they are inside your shop;

3. You can offer personalized video or image content to give advice, inform or entertain your customers.

Here are the top 3 exhibitors for tablets:

1. Tabletop Tablet Holder This solution keeps your tablet in complete safety with the cover and security lock hidden in the back of the stand. The wide base allows to place the tablet support at the counter and on request can be supplied with fixing holes to give a better stability to the support. You can place this support at the counter to prompt for quick feedback to your customer or slide videos and images that entertain you while waiting.

2. Height-Adjustable tablet holder

For a solution from the ground this tablet stand is very useful thanks to its adjustable height. You can place it at the point you want and move it whenever you want. This solution is also complete with safety lock so that you keep the tablet safe. Why not use it to make your customers browse the product catalog?

3. Wall-mounted tablet holder

If you don't have space on the counter and don't want to be grounded, this wall-mounted tablet stand is for you. This solution also keeps your tablet in complete safety and has the inclined structure for a better fruition of the contents by the customer. In addition, the design of the cover makes it elegant to offer an extra twist to your business.

The 3 best tablet exhibitors to offer interactive communication to your customers

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