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New product / Unique in France!

SVF unveils its new range of Aluprotec aluminium fire doors equipped with a thermo-fused roller lock

To meet the market requirements, SVF has designed, developed, qualified and manufactured a new model of glazed aluminium fire door unit, equipped with a roller lock with marshal's baton.

After the automatic door marketed in 2017, SVF launched in June 2022 a glazed aluminium fire door equipped with a thermo-fused roller lock. This unique product on the French market has many advantages and is particularly suitable for high-traffic areas while providing better acoustic comfort than a simple double door.

Aluminium also has the advantage of being corrosion resistant, making it a material of choice for aquatic centres for example.

The model is currently available in single or double leaf sizes up to 1800 mm in width and 2700 mm in clear height, with a fire resistance of 30 minutes in flame retardant (E30) or fire resistant (EI30).

With this product, SVF can now meet all architectural requirements for fire resistant glazed door units.


  • 3 Rue de la Scheer, 67150 Schaeffersheim, France
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