A small button with a considerable function

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Safety systems for educational institutions protect not only people and buildings, but also the right to education. Whether school or university, in a danger situation, children and adults need a simple and intuitive solution.

In an emergency, a single emergency call button can prove lifesaving.

The German Society for Economic Cooperation (DGWZ) will provide information on the topic of "Safety in Educational Institutions" in Heidelberg on 29 November. An accompanying exhibition shows practical solutions to the various leaders. Holistic security concepts for crisis prevention, hazard response, de-escalation and error analysis are the focus of the event.

Together with Konstrukteins AG, Telecom Behnke GmbH is presenting a solution concept at the conference for the second time: The Emergency and Hazard Response System (NGRS). Language allocations are an important part of the security concept for public buildings. In an emergency, They support the reactions of those affected. Students, visitors and staff simply communicate with the competent authority at the touch of a button.

The use of NGRS is manifold:

-Optimisation of communication processes in all areas of the building-Direct voice connection between the reporting person and the competent authority-issuing warnings and behavioural instructions-identifying the situation on the ground (alarm triggering) and If necessary, understanding of intervention forces-preventing false alarm and much more.

The DGWZ conference will take place on 29 November 2018 at the Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg. More information is available on the DGWZ website.

A small button with a considerable function

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