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Christmas is coming...!

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Openwork Decorations as the best way to decorate yor town

We cannot imagine Christmas without beautifully decorated streets, houses, shops…and thanks to these surrounding decorations, we can feel the atmosphere and magic of the Christmas time. One way to get this effect are light but durable openwork elements for public space.

These handmade products, made from the organic materials, have the European design patent and a short environmentally friendly production process. Moreover, these openwork elements are resistant to winter weather conditions and thanks to their small weight the transport cost is low. Additionally, their installation is not complicated and the storage is unproblematic.

The openwork decorations have various shapes and sizes providing possibilities to arrange every space. They can go together with LED lighting, baubles, or other elements. However, these products look great also without any additional decorations. Choosing openwork products you can be sure that you will use them for a long long time.

Christmas is coming...!

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