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Karpacz, Poland

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Flower Towers

The pavement in the centre of Karpacz needed a little bit of nature- that was for sure. The challenging aspect were limited space, crowded pavements, lack of the substrate for planting. The next important matter was the high quality and durability so that they could resist the severe weather conditions, theft or damage, which is possible in such popular places. Also, the aesthetics was an important aspect as it was all about adding some attractiveness to the main walking area.

The Flower Towers appeared in four different versions in the centre of Karpacz. The H750, H1200 ½, H1200 and H2000 models decorated the pedestrian zone in strategic locations: next to the benches, in chill out zones for adults and children, in front of the important buildings and along the streets to separate the cars from the pavements. Together they created a consistent flower composition, which emphasized the prestige of the place and brought nature closer to people.

Karpacz, Poland

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