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How to decorate a roundabout? With the Openwork Balls, of course!

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Zielona Góra is a picturesque town in the Lubusz Voivodeship. Also, it is the town with numerous roundabouts, which require, especially during Christmas period, some decorations and cosy atmosphere. Such an effect has been created thanks to the Openwork Christmas Balls, which decorate one of the biggest crossroads in the town.

The fiberglass openwork decorations are the latest Terra Christmas products. Although really light, they are still stable. The German production is the guarantee of the highest quality which assures longevity and durability . Thanks to these features, the openwork products can beautifully enrich every Christmas!

Moreover, except the Openwork Balls, our offer contains Cones and Stars in different sizes. Additionally, the decorations can be complemented with the LED light strings, which create an amazing effect. The decorations are easy to install and can be placed in any place. As they are lightweight, one can hang them anywhere or put them on the ground. The decorations will look incredibly beautiful in any place!

Just take a look at the gallery to find out how wonderful effect can be created if decorate the city with the help of the Openwork Terra Christmas decorations.

How to decorate a roundabout? With the Openwork Balls, of course!

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