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Plant your city!

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Terra Planters

The most beautiful season of the year is coming- SPRING! Together with it, all nature will come back to life and people craving for the sun will take to the pavements, market squares and streets. Therefore, it’s worth taking care of greenery in our public spaces.

Planting the city can be quite of a challenge - the concrete in our surroundings does not make the thing easier. Flowers cannot be planted without the natural substrate, therefore, the urban pots will come in handy here.

The choice is wide: from light polyethylene pots to durable large planters made from hardened synthetic concrete. The palette of colors is limitless, white, black, grey, vivid red, juicy green and eye-catching yellow. Variety of shapes, sizes, colors, finishings and materials give many unique compositions, which can become an identification of the city, its surroundings or some estate.

At the end, the thing that matters most is the final effect: beautifully planted squares, markets, representative places, streets and pavements. But above all, satisfaction of the citizens, who appreciate urban greenery and transfer ‘nature’ to private properties.

Plant your city!

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