Świebodzin- next summer in bloom has just passed

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Flower Towers

This is the town in western Poland, which is famous for the highest statue of Jesus Christ and the Czeslaw Niemen’s bench but also…it is getting more and more popular thanks to the unique flower decorations in the center. Every year Świebodzin consistently dresses up for summer.

Flowers in the centre of Świebodzin is a well-known view. Standing Flower Towers and hanging Flower Towers, called W600, have decorated the main places of the town since 2012! A coherent concept and functional plant containers are the secret of such a well-composed arrangement.

Years ago, it seemed that the lack of natural substrate in the city centre and a difficult access to water, do not allow to create lush plant decorations. Against all odds, Świebodzin decided to stand out with the help of flowers. In 2012 the authorities of Świebodzin launched into a heart of the town the Flower Towers H2000 and three-level constructions for lamps W600, which allow to plant the places without an access to water or natural substrate.

Świebodzin- next summer in bloom has just passed

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