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Openwork decorations in the streets

Terra Group
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Christmas Openwork decorations

Three openwork fiberglass balls bring some Christmas atmosphere into the city streets or even nearby roadways or roundabouts. Such a varied composition perfectly presents itself on the vast surface of the crossroads. They cannot be overlooked but also do not obscure visibility. The Christmas decoration do not leave you indifferent and for an additional effect, the surface of the openwork ball has been decorated with glowing chains, which give some fairy tale character to the surroundings after dark.

Large openwork balls impress with their size. To set the decorations in the given place, so that they couldn’t be moved, each one has been fixed to the ground with special anchors. The largest one is additionally immobilized with the steel barrier. Thank to these solutions the whole composition is resistant to wind and even winter snow-storms.

Openwork decorations in the streets

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