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How to light Christmas up?

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Cubrick design lamp

Traditional light strings, which decorate the Christmas trees every year, always bring some charm, however, it is worth adding something more to create unique atmosphere in the house. One need only a little bit of imagination to transform the modern lamps into original Christmas decorations. A Cubrick lamp is the decoration in the cubic shape. A simple but universal form allows to use it in various ways.

It can be a table or a suspended source of light, however, in the Christmas period, it is worth taking advantage of its shape and use it in a completely different way. You just need to add a bow to have the lamp become a Christmas gift. In a basic version it can be just an ice cube! Like presents found under the Christmas tree, an illuminated nuno’ni cube can shine with various rainbow colors, giving the warm or cold light. For additional comfort, choose a model with the RGB module, which does not require a wire. Forget about the tangle of cables and enjoy an extraordinary decoration.

How to light Christmas up?

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