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Urban Pots: time for change!

Terra Group
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large urban flower pots

It’s high time to break the monotony of urban space and launch into our surroundings some trendy solutions 2 in 1. In a city pot, the rim becomes a seat for passers-by. From now on the pot can be a comfortable bench too! It is the best solution for modern spaces in which functionality does matter. The polyethylene used in the production process guarantees resistance to the various weather conditions and mechanical damage. Our product will work in places where easy transport of decorations plays an important role, like in the area of the old towns, usually closed for heavy vehicles. Such places can be decorated in a blink of an eye with the use of light fork lifts or even human hands. A light polyethylene pot in a shape of a bowl gains weight after planting. In this way, it will not disappear from the dedicated place but it will resist to the mechanical damage or acts of vandalism.

Urban Pots: time for change!

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