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Easter decorations for cities- review of possibilities

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Openwork easter city decoration

Openwork decorations in the shape of an egg are an excellent idea for Easter decorations of open spaces! Every element consists of two parts, which can constitute one whole or be slightly open, showing its content – spring flowers, sweets, gadgets or small ornaments can go inside of it. Everything depends on imagination. You just need to choose the color as well as the size of an egg and plant the flowers. As soon as the plants bloom, the decoration can be open – a very interesting decoration inspired by Easter and spring is created in this way. It is just perfect for the shopping malls and squares. You cannot forget about proper watering with an ideal amount of water- its excess can pour out of the openwork egg! The openwork egg made from fiberglass is stable, safe, durable, easy to maintain and dismantling. What is particularly important while arranging some closed spaces – it is non-flammable and does not contribute to the ignition of fire.

Easter decorations for cities- review of possibilities

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