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Flower decoration for public space

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Flower Towers

As in the case of every tourist city, the landmark of Świnoujście is the market square. This is where the visitors spend a lot of time surrounded by the historic architecture and greenery. Properly groomed plants allow the authorities of the city to encourage visitors to rest in the centre after morning sunbathing on the Baltic Sea coast.

Among the elements that make up floral decoration of the city, numerous flower towers appeared. They are located in the city center: in the market square, along the main communication routes, or in other gray squares. Above them, flower balls with lush color plants have been fixed on the street lamps. Also, the city chose concrete planters in neutral colors, which are resistant to changing weather conditions and possible damage. The whole thing is so diverse that it is impossible to overlook the beauty and harmony flowing from the plant decorations in the city.

Flower decoration for public space

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