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Urban pots, comfortable furniture and…an advertising medium!

Terra Group
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Large design flower pots

Modern equipment needs to be functional and combine several options at the same time. The same thing is with solutions dedicated to cities: also XXL pots should offer something more than just bringing some plants to space, therefore, it is worth entrusting subsequent roles to them: furniture and an advertising medium. The urban pot with a seat function works in places which lack benches, i.e. the city centers, areas of festivals and various open-air events. Its widened edge provides a comfortable place to seat, and inside of it, even large plants can be planted. Moreover, the color surface of the container can be covered with various labels and stickers. It is a great tool of marketing specialists and everyone responsible for advertising and promotion. How about putting the city’s coat of arms on the surface of the pot/urban table? It is just a perfect idea for a harvest festival, City Days or ... promotion of local businesses. The model with a height of 1200cm works as an additional place to eat, a place for one’s bag, book or drink. Inside of it, even some small shrub or a decorative tree can be easily planted. Urban pots with a seat function can be launched into the historic city centers too, without any interference in the ground. Thanks to the grooves in their base, they can be transferred by the most ordinary, light and maneuverable pallet truck. No complicated work, no disruption or disturbance in the area.

Urban pots, comfortable furniture and…an advertising medium!

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