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Preparing for the season - how to plant Easter decorations?

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Easter decorations for public spaces

Easter is just around the corner - preparations will start both at homes and in public spaces. Here is a proven recipe for Easter city decorations with help of openwork XXL Easter Eggs and first flowers, including primarily pansies.

First of all, openwork egg-shaped decorations. These Easter decorations consist of two parts, which can form one whole or be slightly open to show its contents. Spring flowers, sweets, gadgets or small decorations can go inside, it all depends on the place of exposure. Then we need to choose the color and size of the egg - and the array of possibilities is really extensive!

... and later ... gardening works begin. We start this stage with the selection of tools. The basis is agrotextile, which will cover the openwork bottom of XXL Easter Eggs, and garden soil with a neutral pH. The next task is the selection of plants: the Easter city decoration looks great surrounded by hyacinths, daffodils and tulips. Also, inside of the large Easter Eggs, artificial flowers will work well - invariably in excellent shape and not requiring care.

Finally plant care: in case you slightly open the openwork egg, the agrotextile should cover only its base. This creates an interesting decoration inspired by Easter and spring, perfect for shopping centers, squares and pedestrian zones. One cannot forget to water the flowers, avoiding overwatering the base of the Easter egg.

The openwork fiberglass egg is stable, durable, easy to clean, to assemble and disassemble. What is especially important when arranging closed spaces - it is also non-flammable, which will not contribute to accidental fire.

Preparing for the season - how to plant  Easter decorations?

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