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Flower Towers Transform Świnoujście's (Poland) Urban Spaces

Świnoujście's Blooming Marvel with Terra Flower Towers

Świnoujście has introduced Terra Flower Towers once again! Beautiful cascading floral structures add vibrant beauty to public spaces.

Innovative Design

These towers feature the WATERING SYSTEM TERRA CLICK TIF, an integrated irrigation system that keeps the flowers lush and healthy year-round. Precision-engineered with laser-cut rings, they ensure safety with smooth edges and a modern aesthetic.

Robust and Secure

Equipped with an anti-theft system, these towers are protected against potential theft. The basic galvanized layer, applied through hot-dip galvanization, provides long-lasting corrosion resistance. The additional polyester powder coating adds durability and a colorful finish.

Year-Round Versatility

Terra Flower Towers are designed for all-season use. They are mobile and come in various models, fitting seamlessly into different urban settings.

Commitment to Quality

With years of experience and high-quality materials, the makers of these towers offer a reliable and beautiful solution for urban beautification in Świnoujście.

Experience the vibrant transformation of Świnoujście with the Terra Flower Towers today!

Flower Towers Transform Świnoujście's (Poland) Urban Spaces


  • Zielona Góra, Poland
  • Terra Group