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Baubles on the Christmas tree? Not necessarily!

If you dream about beautiful glowing baubles but you are worried about the lack of the Christmas tree on which they could be hanged – we have a perfect solution for you.

Słubice took advantage of it while arranging the town for Christmas and used Xmas Balls among other decorations.

They can be described in three words – beautiful, red and big. Xmas Balls have been suspended on the branches with the help of a stable rope. The product made the grey trees without leaves look as if they were in a Christmas disguise. Thanks to the Xmas Balls the small mansion gained totally new cozy look.

Xmas Balls have been hanged not only on the trees but also put on the grass creating a stylish pyramid full of glow. Nearby we’ve put the Christmas tree decorated with a little bit smaller red baubles. The top of the tree has been decorated with the openwork star. The whole decoration is consistent thanks to a red color, the most popular in the Christmas period.

These giant baubles also have got a very reliable construction. The lacquer layer protects the color and the surface of decorations assuring longevity of the products, which will be in a great condition for many Christmas seasons. And they will never be out of fashion – we are sure about it!

Baubles on the Christmas tree? Not necessarily!


  • Zielona Gora, Poland
  • Terra Group