Architect@Work - Paris 2016

TTM Rossi
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TTM Rossi meets innovation

TTM Rossi attended the event with an innovative product: the glass laminated with metal mesh.

Wire mesh is commonly used for glass laminated, with results both functional and decorative.

The metal mesh is applied in flat panels sealed between two glass sheets joined by polymer films or in wrinkled panels assembled into double glazing, between two glass plates separated by a gap hermetic with air or insulating gas.

Metal mesh can be used for the production of glass facades for public and private environments, providing thermal insulation, protection from heat and cold, shading function and aesthetic decoration.

Our team has been able to inform and entertain guests during their passage to the stand and feedback was positive not only regarding the proposed innovation, but also for individual TTM Rossi products considered by all fascinating and functional.

We want to thank everyone for this opportunity full of meetings, passionate people and splendid products.


Architect@Work - Paris 2016

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