From Sculpture until Lighting

Thierry Vidé Design
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In the 1970’s , by taking advantage of the evolution of three dimensional objects in theatre, cinema, television, and advertisement environment, Thierry Vidé experiments with new materials that are adapted to shows.

This activity of the ephemeral state, allows him to feel all the dynamics of an era and its technical evolution. He draws out synthesis to create his sculpture: expression of our evolution around the space conjugating weightless, transparency and light.

Being with the origin of his research, the “static take-off” aims to free the material from the gravity that constrains it, propelling it towards space, with minimum support on the ground.

The Principle is to use the moving force of the unbalanced element, to give, by tension, the balance and the take-off to other elements. The materials are steel and stainless steel, aluminium and cable. This sculpture makes sense only in the complete despoiling, without artifice other than balance.


Holotrame is a logical and complementary follow-up of my research on weightlessness. It is the art of multiplying fullness with emptiness by superimposing the natural of coloured steel perforated frames, to compose a transparent volume in space.

Fusion of matter with air, the holotrame captures sunlight and artificial light. It expresses freedom into a poem praising the cosmos as a new adventure, belonging to human nature.

“I am using material in mirror-polished, or painted perforated stainless steel, from which I use the fluid and evanescent transparency to capture the natural or artificial light, releasing it back into rhythmic compositions, from simple geometric forms, inside architectural or urban sites. The essence of my thoughts being to associate myself to space, in a fusion air, matter and light, as the magic of a rain bow. ”

As it play in material thanks to research of transparency of light, he creates with his soons, lighting products in artistic approach. They are real lighting works of art.

Thierry Vidé’s work lives and goes through the years and the fashions, with a constant dynamic like a research centre. All those sculptures have one common point: TRANSPARENCY. From inception, the light is a constitutive element of the work. The creation, the technique and the materials of each of those sculpture stay original.

From Sculpture until Lighting

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