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THONET's new wooden table 1060

The bentwood elements give the 1060 its characteristic appearance. The round leg elegantly splits into three wooden struts: two form a reversed V as the table legs, and the third becomes the traverse that connects the two pairs of legs beneath the tabletop. The traverse not only serves as functional stability, but as a visual detail it also contributes to the table’s organic form with its curving returns forming 90-degree radius. The reduced frame construction also guarantees plenty of leg room. Thanks to its bevelled edge, the solid wood tabletop gets an especially refined character. The surface develops its haptic effect and feels smooth and soft due to the sophisticated processing of the wood finish. With its minimalist and at the same time expressive formal language, the table fits perfectly and coherently with the Thonet portfolio and can be ideally combined with numerous chair models.

With table 1060, designer Jorre van Ast managed to design a modern piece of furniture that unifies the three themes of living, working and the Thonet heritage. “It was a special challenge to design something new and, at the same time, to not lose sight of the company’s past. During the development process, it was therefore obvious to concentrate on one of Thonet’s key competencies: bending solid wood. It was my intention to design a companion for the fantastic Thonet chairs.”

The table is available in stained or lacquered oak and ash wood. The walnut version has an oak frame lacquered in white or black. The oiled version emphasises the fine grain of the solid wood in an especially impressive way. Small inlays and knots are natural features of solid wood and characterise the surface. The possible colour deviations underline its fine appearance. The table is available in two sizes: 210 x 95 cm or 240 x 95 cm.


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