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Alpine architectural style interpreted in a modern way

The dreamlike chalet in the Tyrolean Alps near Kitzbühel inspires with a warm and atmospheric ambience. The high-quality interior design, to which the sophisticated lighting concept makes a significant contribution, raises the cosiness to a new level. Both the Puk Maxx Wall wall luminaires and the Puk Drop pendant luminaires from Top Light are used. The wall luminaires set effective accents, while the pendant luminaires are used as an effective light source above the counter and the dining table.

This chalet in the Alps is the ideal proof of the perfect interaction between Top Light and numerous renowned interior designers. The designers, in this case the Kitzbüheler Werkstätten, ensure a high degree of authenticity and naturalness in the interior design. The Top Light lighting systems are the perfect complement to this. With the exclusive lights, it is child's play to bring this atmospheric light magic into the most diverse rooms.

The glare-free light creates an atmosphere that invites hosts and guests to relax and feel good. The selection of high-quality materials combined with exclusive pieces of furniture and the authentic Top Light lamps meet the highest demands. The Kitzbühler Chalet is just one of many examples of the versatility of Top Light's high-quality lighting.

Atmospheric ambience in the living area
Atmospheric ambience in the living area

In the living area of the generously designed chalet in the Tyrolean Alps, a cosy atmosphere is created thanks to the Puk Maxx Wall wall lamps, inviting you to linger and relax. The Top Light lighting provides effective accents, which are however discreet and therefore not too conspicuous.

Warm light ensures relaxation

The Puk Maxx Wall wall light from Top Light creates a warm light that guarantees additional relaxation after a hard day on the slopes. The accents in the living area promise an increased feel-good factor, making you forget the cold of the Kitzbühler snowy landscape and the ice-covered Tyrolean Alps.

The perfect interplay of counter and dining table

Both above the elegant counter and the practical dining table, the Puk Drop pendant luminaires from Top Light provide effective lighting. The uniform lamps enhance the perfect interplay between the two areas of the chalet and at the same time provide a visual separation from the living area.

Powerful lighting above the dining table

Above the beautiful dining table, the Puk Drop pendant luminaire from Top Light proves that it can create not only with elegance but also with functionality. The authentic lighting provides sufficient, but at the same time glare-free light, which despite its strength does not destroy the cosy atmosphere in the chalet.

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