Torra is a leader in the reproduction of antique cement tiles hydraulic floors.

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reproduction of cement tiles

In Mosaics Torra the reproduction of old hydraulic floors is carried out through a laborious and precise work of recovery, where the results are in sight: We have restored the Park Güell in Barcelona, the Palau de la Música and many single-family houses in Spain.

At Torra we offer our clients the possibility of reproducing any antique cement tile, manufacturing the corresponding mold for the reproduction of the hydraulic mosaic in question.

We also offer the possibility of finding the exact shade of the antique floor to be reproduced and we offer the opportunity to create your own design of hydraulic floors through a modern application that allows the customization of the design.

Palau de la Música Building from Barcelona
Palau de la Música Building from Barcelona

The restoration of the floors is a trend that has begun to grow in recent years. The taste and empathy for the elegance that old floors transmit in any room, increases the desire to recover valuable pieces so significantly for each person or the community in general. An example of this is the emblematic Palacio de la Música located in Barcelona. Our success story that makes us proud and we want to share with you the improvements we have made in theirs rooms.

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