The continuous quest for perfection

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Motivated by high standards, our task was “to improve something good, to reach perfection”. When we improve something good, we attain excellence.

TRES had a simple, basic idea: to gather the opinions of those who use our taps on a daily basis and put them to good use. This is the idea behind the “restyling” of the CUADRO-TRES series. Essentially, we decided to refine and improve every little detail, and to expand the range of shapes, sizes and functionalities.

With slim lines, compact body and modern design, from concept development to the final project, this collection is made for people who are looking for something different to decorate any bathroom space with exclusive features.

TRES aims to offer the best solution in each case, and the changes made to the CUADRO-TRES series have led to a wealth of improvements for end users.

Created to become the leaders in their segment, all references have been equipped with high-quality internal mechanisms that ensure maximum reliability. For instance, the open and closed cascade sinks in this series include a patented flow-limiting system built into the cartridge itself, providing increased comfort with each use.

Sometimes great successes are based on the simplicity of the changes, and at TRES, we can only recommend that you “use and make the most of this tap”.

The continuous quest for perfection

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