SHOWER TECHNOLOGY®: The revolution in showers

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Electronic thermostatic control for enjoying a shower with complete peace of mind. The digital touch-operated panel means you can program the temperature and flow easily and intuitively to create a unique, personal experience. This control panel allows the user to see how it works at a glance at any time.

The latest version of this product has been designed to provide even greater pleasure and tranquillity when having a shower. A range of options (round or square shower heads for the ceiling or wall, etc.) provide elegance and versatility in the bathroom, combining technology and design for a new way to take a shower.

A great easy-to-install tap

The mechanism of this product can be installed 5 to 10 metres away from the shower area, which provides the option of placing it anywhere in the home, such as on a terrace, in a storeroom or in the laundry room, just by installing it over the false ceiling.

The minimum installation required satisfies installers because it is so quick and easy to assemble in cases such as remodelling or replacing a bathtub with a shower tray, because it does away with rubble and noise that can bother neighbours, problems with the community of owners in an apartment building and planning permits, etc. An easy option would be to shut down the old installation and position the new tiles on top of the existing ones, using new products that guarantee perfect adherence, such as etch-primer paints or gypsum glues.

SHOWER TECHNOLOGY®: The revolution in showers

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