TRES Grifería
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Share the intelligence and increased comfort

Intelligence is capable of solving any problem through experience and acquired knowledge. TRES Grifería's timer-controlled tapware employs all its intelligence for the benefit of the user, providing increased comfort and even greater efficiency.

INTELLIGENCE IS ATTRACTIVE. TRES Grifería, as part of its ongoing commitment and respect for the environment, has created a new line of timer-controlled tapware for both public and professional use. Suitable for all types of washbasins, these taps stand out for their smaller, sleek design.

INTELLIGENCE IS SHARED. TRES Grifería creates in order to share. And not just at home: public lavatories are also the ideal place to enjoy high-tech innovation and the quality of the new designs. This is how more and more people join our great family every day.

INTELLIGENCE IS SAFE. TRES Grifería's timer-controlled range prevents the user from forgetting to turn of the tap in a public lavatory, which can waste a lot of water, in addition to possible pooling and flooding. Opening and closing times are automatic and preset, ensuring comfort and safety with every use, while at the same time reducing water and energy consumption. A smooth-operating button ensures high durability and robustness over time, even with a high volume of users.

PRACTICAL INTELLIGENCE. Installed just like conventional mixer taps, no additional tools are needed. The new timer-controlled tapware collection includes new wall-mounted designs. The built-in models free up space on the wash basin and are perfect for small and narrow bathrooms.


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