Triflex waterproofing systems in Versailles

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The decision to completely restore the Latona fountain came about as part of the large-scale construction work undertaken by the Palace of Versailles, and the restoration was carried out by Pierre André Lablaude, chief architect at the "Monuments Historiques" department for historic buildings.

Due to the nature and complexity of this monument, a series of consultations and lively exchanges were required in order to set out the details, such as the selection of the waterproofing system that would be used. Sample details were reviewed in terms of their resistance and behaviour in different weather conditions. The 40 years of experience that Triflex has in this area was a key factor in the decision. Thus, the Triflex ProTect and ProDetail systems were chosen based on their particular properties and due to the fact that they complement one another so perfectly.

The two systems consist of a primer for the insulation and substrate adhesion, a waterproofing layer (Triflex ProTect) fully reinforced with sturdy polyester (Triflex Special Fleece), and, if necessary, a wear-resistant finish (Triflex Cryl Finish 205).

The Triflex ProTect/ProDetail system which, due to its high hydrolysis resistance, is ideal for waterproofing tanks and fountains as well as for refurbishments prevailed in the end as a result of its versatile properties:

• Compatible with, and excellent adhesion to, a variety of substrates; can also be applied to existing coverings without having to remove these first, thereby saving time and reducing intervention costs;

• Highly elastic on application, fits perfectly to different shapes and details, and is therefore also crack-bridging;

• Saves time, as the waterproofing resin is fully functional after just one hour;

• Resistant to mechanical and chemical loads in air and in rainwater.

Triflex Protect/ProDetail has obtained European Technical Approval (ETA) with CE mark and a Document Technique d'Application (DTA – Technical Application Document).

By combining these two systems, EMAT was able to re-waterproof the fountain in an ideal manner and, once the marble had been applied as the final stage, the fountain was restored to its former resplendence.

Triflex waterproofing systems in Versailles

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