Permanent waterproofing even in tiny corners

Triflex GmbH & Co. KG
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Triflex, the specialist in liquid applied waterproofing, has developed Triflex ProDetail, the long-lasting detail solution specially for details and joints. This versatile waterproofing system for universal application shows outstanding properties even in tiny corners of flat roofs, balconies, roof terraces, walkways and parking decks: Highly elastic, it moulds itself to all kinds of structures and prevents water from getting in underneath. The dual-component waterproof resin adheres to the entire substrate, is quick and easy to apply and resistant to hydrolysis and environmental influences. Short curing times and quick application even in slight frost and in temperatures of up to 40°C make Triflex ProDetail an efficient waterproofing solution.

A building is only protected against external influences if it is sealed professionally. Only long-lasting waterproofing can protect the insulation beneath the building fabric from moisture and mould. Openings, joints and intricate details on roofs, balconies and parking decks are often the weak points in a building. It is for these applications that Triflex, the specialist in liquid applied waterproofing, developed a customised long-lasting solution, Triflex ProDetail.

The waterproofing system adheres to 90% of all the standard bitumen and plastic sheets sold on the German market and to almost all surfaces in common use. In contrast to conventional roofing sheets, the fleece-reinforced waterproofing moulds itself to the substrate. Since it adheres to the entire surface, details are completely waterproofed, preventing water from getting in underneath.

Application is quick and simple without the need for heating and a naked flame. This means detail work is possible even on window joints or other heat-sensitive openings. A primer is not necessary on almost all surfaces. This saves materials and time. Non-absorbent substrates such as metal or PVC moulded parts are cleaned with Triflex Cleaner and then roughened. Following successful pre-treatment of the substrate, waterproofing is carried out in 3 steps: Firstly, a thick layer of Triflex ProDetail is applied. Secondly, Triflex Special Fleece is worked in, avoiding bubbles. Lastly, a topcoat of Triflex ProDetail is applied wet on wet. The short curing time ensures that the surface is rainproof after only 30 minutes and can be walked on and re-coated after approx. 45 minutes.

Permanent waterproofing even in tiny corners

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