Roof waterproofing with Triflex ProTect: Dantercepies cable car station

Triflex GmbH & Co. KG
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Triflex was considered an indispensable partner for this project, which called for waterproofing solutions that are extremely durable yet highly flexible and aesthetically appealing, in order to protect and enhance the architectural features of the structure in this important project. Once the structure was waterproofed to protect it against the effects of the weather, the curved reinforced concrete structure was dressed with quartz sand at the architect''s special request. Doing so minimised the visual changes to the structure and it blends into its natural surroundings very well.

The waterproofing system chosen, comprising one layer each of Triflex Cryl Primer 276, Triflex ProTect and Triflex ProTect with a quartz sand dressing of grain size 0.7–1.2, meant that the work could even be carried out in adverse weather conditions in the months of October and November with strong winds and low temperatures. Likewise, this system made it possible to resume work quickly when interruptions were necessary. The Triflex system''s unique application properties enabled application to both the horizontal and vertical roof surface without any problems. No scaffolding or cordoning-off was necessary due to the special shape of the roof. Rather, the contractors had to apply the product while suspended from a safety rope. This specific situation called for a system that could essentially be applied under these circumstances, such as the liquid applied waterproofing system from Triflex.

Triflex systems are always applied by contractors specially trained by Triflex following an application-specific technical consultation.

Roof waterproofing with Triflex ProTect: Dantercepies cable car station

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