A courtyard with character

Sarah Opitz-Vlachou
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A new surface made of Triflex’s liquid-applied waterproofing system matches the clinker façade

The old courtyard covering at a residential premises on Berlin’s Linienstrasse had started to leak. The occupiers had noticed moisture damage in the subjacent cellar rooms. What’s more, the courtyard’s existing surface no longer matched the visual appearance of the adjacent buildings, which are steeped in history.

To increase the courtyard’s value and create an attractive-looking surface, the homeowners’ association commissioned the planning process for complete floor covering reconstruction. It was particularly important to the investor that the surface visually matched the character of the bright amber clinker building façade. At the same time, the floor had to be able to withstand regular bicycle traffic and be enduringly watertight to protect the cellar rooms from moisture. The low door sills meant that a solution with as low a build-up height as possible was required. The surface also had to have a non-slip finish so that the residents could also walk across the square in wet weather.

The planning office opted to use Triflex’s liquid-applied waterproofing system for the renovation. It developed the solution – a combination of the Triflex DeckFloor coating system and the Triflex Creative Design surface design – working together with Triflex’s Area Sales Manager and the contractors.

Triflex DeckFloor is a waterproof, statically crack-bridging thick-layer system. It can withstand high mechanical loads and is used for high-traffic areas as a result. The coating bonds to almost all substrates, so details are reliably waterproofed. This is also the reason why no weak spots through which moisture could penetrate appear. Thanks to the system’s fast curing time, the surface can be recoated in no time at all.

Triflex DeckFloor can be given an aesthetically appealing finish with Triflex Creative Design. Tile patterns, almost all geometries, ornaments, logos or signatures can be created using the foil technique. There is a wide selection of colours available for this purpose. Due to their individual designs, floors match the adjacent buildings. Micro Chips scattered onto the surface create a non-slip finish. Because the surface has no joints, no cracks through which moisture could penetrate appear. Another benefit is the low build-up height, which is mere millimetres thick.

To begin with, the contractors removed the old covering as far as the cellar’s raw ceiling and applied a new bituminous waterproofing. They added two-layer asphalt on top. As a next step, the contractors applied the primer Triflex Cryl Primer 222. The primer was developed especially for use on asphalt. The renovators used Triflex ProDetail to reliably waterproof all the details, such as the drainage system. They then coated the surface with Triflex DeckFloor. Triflex Creative Design, a coloured finish, was used to design the floor to match the residential building’s façade. The experts applied Triflex Cryl Finish 205 in the same colour as the joints, slate, for this purpose. After that, they laid the Design Sheet, which had been custom-made by Triflex especially for the project. The contractors finished the surface in an amber colour, while the border areas were given a warm ruby-red hue. The contractors dressed the wet finish with Triflex Micro Chips, before removing the sheet after a short curing time and unveiling the pattern.

A courtyard with character

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