TurkeyBuild Istanbul

Hasan Arslanpir
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We participated in TurkeyBuild Istanbul between 18-22 June 2019

Thank you for all visitors and our solution partners.

You can visit our booth online here: https://www.google.com/maps/@37.8091117,29.0712084,3a,90y,7.57h,81.33t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipMHeu5hIAuYhxwBOvWdkAnwmLe1JnNiYIQ7agRB!2e10!3e12!7i13000!8i6500

TurkeyBuild Istanbul

Products associated

traditional kitchen
indicative price* €100  / m²
executive desk
indicative price* €150  / m²
traditional hotel room furniture set
indicative price* €125  / m²