Pioneering Prefab in Yakutsk, Russia

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Witness a Wholly New and Unprecedented Construction

On the 27th of April, the capital of Sakha Republic, Yakutsk witnessed a wholly new and unprecedented construction technique on the countries 84 birthdays. Residence, particular those on the 17th block, anticipated this project for a long time.

The project covered an area of 44 hectare. Divided into a four sections: 1. Residential area of 498.235 square meters 2. Markets and malls at 50,603 square meters 3 A school and kindergartens of 37,608 square meters. 4. Parking space at 114,725 square meters. Trodat Group invested 24 billion RUB (368 million USD) into the project with anticipated revenue of 38 billion RUB (582 million USD).

The mayor of Yakutsk Nikolayev congratulated to Trodat Group for launching this grate project, saying “a bunch of people had their doubts, conceived it was unrealistic in Russia’s challenging and unsteady economic backdrop.” In January, 2015, municipal government reached an agreement with Trodat Group, one of the biggest construction companies in Russia. They pushed through a construction project that is opening a new chapter in urban housing.

Nikolayev hopes 17th block will be the best in the country. He said, “ Trodat Group is committed to the mission of striving to fuel Yakutsk urban housing development with clear plan and efficient performance." Chief Manager, Yan Zhanfu said this project in Yakutsk will establish Trodat’s prefabricated building brand as a the premier company in Russia.

Yan Zhanfu expressed gratitude to Yakutsk’s strong support for construction, and he said Trodat Group viewed this transformation project as an important overseas program, holding a key to our development in the rest of the world. Trodat Group stays committed to green prefabricated technology. Building high quality eco-friendly housing, schools and shopping malls in a way that benefits everyone.

Delmia, a resident living in block 17 for more than 30 years, champions the project, saying “It is a big day for us. We have been looking forward to it for so long. I am too excited to find the appropriate words. We have been living in this shabby community for thirty years, but now we are going to move a wholly new and modern one! Are not we happy?”

Elizabeth, a nanny for her four grandsons, moved to 17th block in the 80s. “It is the oldest one, so I am pretty exciting to hear this projects news. Today I came here to witness this inspiring event. Besides, Trodat Group will construct one perfect school which brings convenience to my grandsons.”

“There are two festivals today, Sakha Republic’s birthday and new community’s commencement. We all express gratitude to our mayor and China’s Trodat Group, who persists on building new housing for us, fearless of severe cold.”

From China to Russia with Love
From China to Russia with Love

China's Trodat Group is Pioneering Prefab in Yakutsk, Russia

From China to Russia with Love

China's Trodat Group is Pioneering Prefab in Yakutsk, Russia

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